Development of Eastern region states is the focus, unless this region matches the progress made by the other regions, the country as a whole cannot prosper. 

There is no reason why an eastern Indian state like Odisha with abundance of water and natural resources should remain backward and the people poor, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi here on Sunday. 

Addressing a farmers rally, the PM talked about his plans of ushering in the Second Green Revolution in eastern India. 

Assam, North East, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha have tremendous potential, he said. 

“We want the farmer to double his income by the year 2022, he said while listing out the schemes launched by his government to boost the farm sector. 

At the outset, he paid tribute the great souls of soil – Vir Surendra Sai, Gangadhar Meher, Bhima Bhoi, Kunjel Singh, Virsa Munda.

“I bow down before the land that gave birth to these legends,” said Modi. 

Starting his speech with- ‘Jai Jagannath’ and ‘Maa Samaleiku mor juhar’ (in Odia), the PM drew cheers from the huge gathering drawn largely from western Odisha districts. 

Focusing entirely on issues pertaining to farmers and the agriculture sector, the PM said that it is a matter of grave concern that Odisha which is second only to UP in terms of water resources, remains poor. 

Nature has bestowed all its wealth in Odisha, he observed before adding that the state can be the Number One state of the country in agriculture. 

Frequent natural calamities are a matter of concern for farmers, he noted, while dwelling in to details of the PM Crop Insurance Scheme and the PM Irrigation Scheme. 

The PM also provided details of the newly introduced Soil Health Card. 

He asked farmers to go for multi crop pattern and plant trees on the boundary of the land whose timber can supplement the income of farmers. 

Diary, poultry, fisheries need to be taken up to increase income of the rural people, he said. 

The prime Minister further said that start up India and stand up India is not meant for bigger cities alone. 

It is also possible in rural India. He cited the example of bran oil produced from paddy husk. Youths of Odisha should come forward to produce these things with financial help from government, he appealed. The turnout here reflects the fact that the youth of Odisha have made up their mind to shed the ‘chalta hai attitude’ and are ready to work for the prosperity of the state and country. If farmers of the country can prosper, they can meet the food requirement of the entire world. 

The heads Golf countries recently expressed interest in Indian food products to meet their requirement. This can boost up the Indian farmers, Modi said.