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Paris deal’s implementation to save millions of lives: Hasina

IANS | Dhaka |

The lives of millions of people will be saved by the implementation of the Paris Agreement, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said. 
“Lives of millions of people would continue to be at risk unless we deliver to our commitments on climate change issues,” she said pointing out that Bangladesh is one of the first countries that signed and ratified the Paris Agreement. 
Hasina made the statement at the 22nd edition of the Conference of the Parties (COP 22) in Marrakech, Morocco, on Tuesday, Dhaka Tribune reported. 
According to Hasina, Marrakech climate conference bears a special significance as the historic agreement signed last year “creating a solid ground for a meaningful cooperation in combating climate change impacts”, is expected to be enforced this year. 
“This is the time to move forward to implement decisions into actions,” she said, adding that the Paris Agreement successfully created a solid ground for a meaningful cooperation in combating climate change. 
“We must be prepared to share equitable burden to fulfil our promises of making the world a safer and better place for our future generation. 
“Unless, we address this challenge of climate-induced migrant issue appropriately, we would never be able to attain the objectives of Sustainable Development Goals,” she said. 
Hasina said Bangladesh is also the first country to set up “Climate Change Trust Fund” of $400 million from its own resources.