Balasore, 1 October
Remuna police has arrested an employee of a cash management firm in connection with missing cash to the tune of Rs 29 lakh from an automated teller machine (ATM).
The accused has been identified as  twenty-six-year old Manoranjan Sahu, a resident of Ranipatna under the Balasore town.
“We arrested Mr Sahu after getting proof that he stole the cash from the ATM taking opportunity of his access to the password for the machine. He had joined the firm only two months ago,” said the inspector-in-charge of Remuna police station, Mr Manoranjan Biswal.
Police had detained three employees of the firm ~ Writers’ Safeguard, after it was alleged that the ATM machine belonging to SBI&’s Balgopalpur branch was missing cash to the tune of Rs 29 lakh.
Police, who started investigation after the branch manager lodged an FIR, suspected that someone having access to the control mechanism of the machines was behind it.
“While investigating, we found that the ATM machine was intact; yet, the cash chamber was open. As the cash chamber can be opened with a password, we suspected that some insider may be involved,” he said.
The ATM machine had Rs 24 lakh as on 24 September and subsequently, Rs 10 lakh was loaded the same day. While Rs 5 lakh was withdrawn through various debit card transactions, the cash chamber went empty leading to suspicion of fraud.
Mr Biswal informed that a franchisee, Writers’ Safeguard, was entrusted with looking after cash management transaction of the ATM. “The franchisee holder was out of Balasore and we could not contact him. So we detained the three staff for questioning and later arrested Mr Sahu after getting proof of his complicity,” Mr Biswal said.