<p><strong>Parida attack arrest:</strong> Dhenkanal&nbsp;police arrested Mr Manas&nbsp;Nath&nbsp;in connection with the attack on president of district unit of Biju&nbsp;Yuva&nbsp;Janata&nbsp;Dal&nbsp;(BYJD)&nbsp;Yosabant&nbsp;Parida.&nbsp;A resident of Nua&nbsp;Alutama&nbsp;village of Kamakshyanagar&nbsp;subdivision, Mr Nath was arrested from Angul&nbsp;district and produced in a local court on Monday.&nbsp; Mr Nath&nbsp;admitted to be a contract killer and abetted in the crime for money, said police.&nbsp; A total of three persons have so far been arrested in the case.&nbsp; <br /> <strong>Watery grave: </strong>A boy in his teens&nbsp; met with his watery grave in Baitarani&nbsp;river while taking a bath near Gandhi Ghat&nbsp;in Bhadrak&nbsp;district on Sunday afternoon. Two friends, aged about 13, of Sahalpur&nbsp;village had been to take bath in the river. Both of them slipped into the water while bathing. While one could manage to reach the river bank safely, Priyabrata&nbsp;Sahu&nbsp;drowned. <br /> <strong>Railway appoinment:</strong> Mr Shailendra&nbsp;Kumar Singh, an officer of Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers cadre, has taken over as the new Divisional Railway Manager,&nbsp;Khurda&nbsp;Road division of East Coast Railway. He was previously working as chief safety officer, Eastern Railway. A post graduate in electrical engineering, Mr Singh had joined Indian Railways in 1984. He has worked in various higher capacities in Eastern, South Eastern and Metro Railway.</p>