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My policies will return significant manufacturing jobs to US: Trump

PTI | Washington |

US President Donald Trump on Thursday said his policies will return significant amount of manufacturing jobs to the country.

"My administration's policies and regulatory reform, tax reform, trade policies, will return significant manufacturing jobs to our country," Trump told a group of top American CEO representing manufacturing sector, which is part of his series of interactions with the business community.

"Everything's going to be based on bringing our jobs back, the good jobs, the real jobs. They've left and they're coming back. They have to come back," Trump said.

Addressing the CEOs, Trump said several of the US companies have already started bringing jobs back to the US.

"You have already seen companies such as Intel, Ford GM, Walmart, Amazon, Fiat — they came the other day, they're going to make a tremendous investment in the country — Carrier and many others announce significant new investments in the United States," he said.

Ford is doing $700 million in Michigan, creating 700 new jobs as a vote of confidence.

"We have many other companies doing the same thing.

Carrier, as you know. And I got involved very late, almost like by two years late. But many of the jobs that were leaving for Mexico they're bringing back. At least 800 jobs," said the US President.

"They are bringing it back. And they actually never got to leave. I have no idea what they did with the plant in Mexico, but we'll have to ask them, because it was largely built," he said, adding that General Motors is investing USD 1 billion in US plants, adding or keeping 7,000 jobs.

It is going to be investing a lot more than that over the next fairly short period.

Lockheed Martin he said has just announced 1,800 new jobs.

Walmart announced plans to create 10,000 jobs, and all of those jobs are going to be in the United States, he said adding that Sprint-SoftBank is putting in $50 billion because of our election, in the United States over the next four years, to create 50,000 jobs.

The 24 CEOs in the room represented nearly $1 trillion of sales and 2 million employees.

"They share our commitment to bring manufacturing back and to create jobs in this country, which has been the biggest part of my campaign. I would say the border, a big part; military strength, big part; and jobs, big part. I don't want to say which is most important. I guess we always have to say defense is maybe the most important," Trump said.

CEOs participating in the interactions included Michael Dell from Dell Technologies, Andrew Liveris from Dow Chemical, Mark Sutton from International Paper, Gregory Hayes from United Technologies, Alex Gorsky from Johnson & Johnson, Keith Leimbach from LiveOps, Wendell Weeks from Corning, Jeff Fettig from Whirlpool, David Farr from Emerson Electric and James Kamsickas from Dana.