There&’s a wide spectrum of opportunities waiting for you if everything about cars revs your engine, says christopher gonsalves
The automobile industry is one of the most highly touted sectors in engineering today. The best part is the industry is unique because it doesn’t just stick to engineering alone but extends to other aspects like sales, self-employment, marketing and research and development.  
   Automobile engineering is one sector where engineers can realise their dreams by putting their talent to the test because designing new automobiles with lots of facilities and improving older models of vehicles can be a challenge.
A number of companies like Tata Motors, Mahindra and Maruti offer promising job packages to good automobile engineers. Thanks to them, the market sees new designs every year and the automobile industry is still a booming one in India. Aspirants should have qualifications in design and should hold degrees in subjects like Computer Auto Motion and Computer Added Design. They should be efficient at using computers to draw out three-dimensional shapes of cars and understand which parts of a car go where.
The manufacture of traditional models of automobiles is monitored by engineers. They check quality and make sure that the interior and exterior of each automobile unit is identical. The engineering team of any automobile factory is made up of individuals who each specialise in fields like meeting international standards, fuel utilisation and security. There are other departments that an engineer can specialise in, like field development and testing.
Once a vehicle is produced and tested, the next step is to make it available to buyers. This becomes the responsibility of the respective sales department. Persons in this department inform customers about an automobile&’s features and details and if the buyer likes it then the car is sold. Showrooms are run by energetic sales executives who get incentives in addition to their salaries for every car they manage to sell. You can work your way up in this department and become a sales manager or even a zone manager. Having higher professional degrees like a BBA or MBA degree can work to your advantage.  
Every part of an automobile has a certain life span after which it requires maintenance and might even need to be repaired. If you like working on your own terms then the automobile industry has options to be self-employed. If you have any technical degree then you could consider opening up your own maintenance shop. Working as an engineer in a factory will help you gain experience and once you’ve accumulated enough information on how the cogs turn you can start a thriving automobile maintenance business of your own.
If you have an MTech degree in automobile engineering, you can consider joining a technical institution as a teacher. Aspirants can start by getting jobs in technical institutions as assistant professors. If you’ve done your PhD then you can consider working as a scientist or researcher. The automobile industry is a wide spectrum of good job opportunities if you have an undying passion for cars.