Baripada, 30 September
For an otherwise demoralised BJP, Mayurbhanj district provided some solace as the party got its candidate elected as the chairman in two ULBs ~ Udala NAC and Rairangpur NAC ~ today.
 Significantly, these two are the only ULBs of the state where the BJP candidates have been elected as chairman.  The BJD bagged the post of the chairman in Karanjia NAC.
 Political observers here feel that the victory of the party candidates in the two NAC chief elections has come as a morale-booster for the BJP rank and file given that it did not have absolute majority in either ULB.
 In Udala, Mr Soubhagya Kumar Sahu was elected as the chairman. Elected as an independent councillor in the recently-concluded ULB election, he had switched over to the BJP.
In Rairangpur NAC, BJP&’s Ms Sailabala Mohanta was elected as the chairperson. Senior BJP leader Mr Rajkishore Das claimed that the party workers are enthused with victory of the BJP candidates as chairman of the two NACs.
In Karanjia NAC, the BJD candidate, Mr Premjit Sahu ,was elected as chairman. In 15 ward Karanjia NAC, seven seats went to the BJD, while Congress and BJP got three seats each. Two seats have gone to independent candidates. In the chairman election held today, Mr Sahu got eight votes with one independent candidate supposedly lending his support to him.