5 estranged couples smoke the peace pipe
press trust of india
Cuttack, 14 July
After a few months into their marriage, they were estranged couples and entered into prolonged legal battle to get a stamp of approval to their legal separation.
However, with proper counseling, at least five estranged couples were reunited at a lok adalat in Orissa High Court premises yesterday.
The 429th lok adalat was inaugurated here by senior judge of the High Court Justice Pradeep K Mohanty. Apart from reuniting five estranged couples, the family court judge Kishore Chandra Mohapatra also disposed off 52 other marital cases. Similarly, the lok adalat was also presided over by three other judges of the High CourtJustices Subash Chandra Parija, Akshaya Kumar Rath and Biswajit Mohanty who settled 177 motor vehicle claim cases on the day.
A total of 324 accident claim cases were listed for the day in which four insurance companies represented through their advocates.
The lok adalat on the day settled 177 cases, awarded a combined compensation of nearly Rs 3.50 crore to the claimants.