Ordinary Original
Civil Jurisdiction
Original Side
Re: G.A. No. 2488
of 2013
C.S. No. 271 of 2013
Devvrat Gupta & Ors.
1. Shyam Saran Gupta
2. Rajnandini Pachisia
….Defendants /
Please take notice that the Plaintiffs / Petitioners above named have instituted the aforesaid Civil Suit against the aforesaid Defendants / Respondents before the Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta.
That the aforesaid matter shall appear in the list of the Hon’ble Judge taking interlocutory matters on 13th November, 2013.
Choudhury & Co.
10, Old Post Office Street
Ground Floor
Room No. 12
(B0007)                         C22679

KNOW all men by this advertisement that by a Deed  of  dissolution  of  part  nership made on 24th day of May, 2013, by and between Smt. Shikha Sanyal, wife of Sri Sujit Kumar Sanyal of Alaka Cooperative Housing Society Limited, Flat No. B/51, at Premises No.: 59/2B, Pratapaditya Road, Kolkata-700026, of the First Part and Sri Sushil Kumar Sethia, son of Sri Jiwraj Sethia, of 2B, Hemchaya Apartment, 40, Ironside Road, Kolkata-700019 of the other part dissolve the partnership dated 9th day of September, 2002 and amended on 20th December, 2002, under the name and style of M/s.Lederkam Inc. at Atghora, Sitakundu, Baruipur, 24 Pgs. (S), w.e.f. 31-12-2012 and the First Part Smt. Shikha Sanyal took the business of the firm under the name and style M/s. Lederkam Inc. as a going concern on and from 1st day of January, 2013.
Siba Prasad Saha
Enrolment No.
WB/437/87 of
46/25, B.C. Road
Dated: 25th September, 2013
(B0002)         C22673