In the Matter of:
The Companies Act, 1956;
In the Matter of:
An application under Sections 433, 434 and 439 of the Companies Act, 1956;
In the Matter of:
Shriramrathi Steels Private Limited, a company within the meaning of Companies Act, 1956 having its Registered Office at- Barjora, Mouza- Namobandh Sitarampur, Post Office- Ghutgoria, Police Station-Barjora, Sitarampur, District- Bankura, West Bengal-722101, India, outside the aforesaid jurisdiction;
In the Matter of:
M/s. SGM Transways, a partnership firm, having its office at 23A, N.S. Road, Room No. 28, 3rd floor, Kolkata-700001 within the aforesaid jurisdiction;
…. Petitioner
Notice is hereby given that a petition for a winding up of Shriramrathi Steels Private Limited the abovenamed company presented by the petitioner as aforesaid on the 21st day of September, 2012 and was admitted on 14-01-2013 and the said petition fixed for hearing by the Hon’ble Company Judge on the 1st available working day after the expiry of 4 weeks from the date of this publication having been made. Any creditor, contributory or other person desirous of supporting or opposing the making of an order on the said petition should send to the petitioner or his advocate notice of his intention signed by him or his advocate with his name address, so as to reach the petitioner or his advocate not later that 5 days before the date fixed for the hearing of the petition, and appear at the hearing for the purpose in person or by his advocate. A copy of the petition will be furnished by the undersigned to any creditor or contributory on payment of the prescribed charges for the same. Any affidavit intended to be used in opposition to the petition should be filed in Courts and a copy served on the petitioner or his Advocate, not less than 5 days before the date fixed for the hearing.
Tarun Jyoti Tewari
Advocate for the Petitioner
Bar Association Room No. 13
High Court, Calcutta
Mobile: 9903420773
Dated 3rd day
of July, 2013         C20173

PLA NO. 273 of 2012
In the High Court at Calcutta
Testamentary and Intestate Jurisdiction
President of the Union of India
Petition for Probate
In the goods of:
Smt. Malati Rani Ganguli, wife of late Subir Chandra Ganguli lately of AD-189, Salt Lake City, Sector-I, Kolkata-700064, a Hindu inhabitant, deceased.
All persons claiming to have any interest in the estate of the deceased abovenamed are hereby cited to come within 4 (four) weeks from the date of affixation of the citation and see the proceedings, if they think fit, before the grant of Probate in the above goods.
You are hereby informed that free legal services from the State Legal Services Authority, High Court Legal Services Committee, District Legal Services Authorities and Sub-Divisional Legal Services Committees, as per eligiblity criteria are available to you and in case you are eligible and desire to avail of the free legal services, you may contact any of the above Legal Services Authorities / Committees.
Witness: Mr. Arun Mishra, Chief Justice at Calcutta aforesaid, this 13th day of May in the year two thousand and thirteen.
For Registrar
(B0006)         C20161

THAT my client Sri Kunal Roy & Smt. Krishna Chatterjee was revoke a general power of attorney (deed No. 04417/12 was registered in favour of Sri Pradip Kumar Roy S/o. Lt. Himangshu Roy of 11/16, Netaji Nagar, Kolkata-92, partner of Sunhigh Infrustructure office at Ganguli Bagan) on 24-06-2013 in DSR-I, Alipore, vide deed No. 00535, Now Pradip Kumar Roy has no power to do any act to 98 (221), Bidhanpally, P.S. Bansdroni, Kolkata-84, Assessee No. 311120502212.
S.K. Chanda
3/52, Vidyasagar Colony
Mob. 8599990991
(B0009)         C20164