Newly launched mobile store in NOIDA is not only selling devices but teaching how to use their features, finds rakesh kumar

 host of features in smartphones these days are not only getting more complicated to use but often confuse their users. There are thus very few people, who are able to use most of the features of a smart phone. To cater to such users, who are not well-versed with the latest features in their mobiles, the Mobile Store has launched its largest smartphone destination, The MobileStore Lounge in Noida. The store promises to help their customers not only in buying the device but will also help them learn about the features.  

 "Nowadays, the smart phone means a more than a mobile device. No doubt every second person can afford a smart phone, but unfortunately, there are very few people who understand the features properly," claimed the store owner, Himanshu Chakrawarti. 

 Located in Noida, near GIP Mall, The MobileStore Lounge makes it easy to browse, choose, use and pay for Smart phones and tablets with the help of Brand experience zones, where devices from brands like Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Apple and Sony are displayed. The store provides multi-brand handsets, accessories, Android Zones, Brand Experience zones, repairs, value added services (VAS) and much more, all under one roof for a "live experience" to bring out the power of technology for everyday consumer use. 


"We have a team of intensively trained Tech Buddies, who have extreme comfort with gadgets, conduct live experiences and bring alive usage of phones to the customers. They are not the conventional sales staff but Tech Buddies," said the owner of the shop. This is their third store after Pune and the second in the Capital’s Connaught Place. The Mobile Store Lounge is the first ever store that displays complementing accessories for each phone placed below the device.