Pakistan’s biggest city and financial hub Karachi may sink into the ocean along with other coastal towns of Sindh province in the next 45 years, oceanography experts have warned.

Pakistan Senate’s Standing Committee on Science and Technology has written a letter to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif earlier this week, warning that the problem of sea intrusion along the coastal areas of Sindh must be taken seriously by the government.

The letter warned that if sea intrusion continues unabated than coastal towns of Badin and Thatta might sink in the next 30 years, followed by Karachi by around 2060.

The Senate Standing Committee was briefed by the National Institute of Oceanography chief Asif Inam, who warned that if the current trends of sea erosion in the Indus delta and coastlines continue unchecked, then Karachi, a city of 20 million people could sink by 2060.

The letter called upon the Ministry of Water and Power, Pakistan Navy, National Institute of Oceanography and other national institutions to carry out research studies in this area to prevent such a catastrophe.

Inam has earlier attributed this doomsday scenario to changes in weather patterns and rising temperatures as well as unplanned development in coastal areas.

"Three cities of Sindh, Karachi, Badin and Thatta, are under direct threat due to rising sea levels. This needs timely mitigation measures," Inam told a web portal on environment.

The letter also called on the National Disaster Management Authority and Provincial Disaster Management Authority to take necessary steps to prevent possible damage to high-risk areas in future.