Agence France-Presse
SANTIAGO, 5 JULY: At least 11 people have been killed in an outbreak of H1N1 flu virus in northern Chile, where the rate of infection is more than six times higher than the rest of the country, as reported by the authorities.
“The average across the country is 24 patients per 100,000 residents, but in Tarapaca, in the past week, the rate was 148 patients per 100,000 residents,” Medical Association president Enrique Paris said yesterday.
Citing fears of aggravating the outbreak, Paris recommended postponing or cancelling the upcoming Fiesta de la Tirana, which is a religious celebration planned for July 15-17 where 200,000 people are expected.
Meanwhile, health minister Jaime Manalich announced he will travel today to the region 1,900 Kms north of Santiago near the border with Bolivia.
The minister also said some 115,000 vaccines will be sent to immunize the population, which numbers around 300,000.