Online social communities are boosting an interest in photography among youth. sudipta chanda reports
ONCE upon a time, photography was something fit only for kings. Instruments were either hard to get or way too expensive. Today, young people are showing an immense interest in photography, as much because gadgets are pocket-friendly, user-friendly and worry-free, given the multiple features available. Online sites Facebook and Google have given this “hobby” a fresh lease of life.
Sourav Banerjee captures magical frames with his Canon 550D camera. The 22-year-old says, “ I began in 2006 with my elder brother Soumitra&’s camera. I was not aware of the technicalities then but it sparked a passion in me. I still remember the butterfly I first clicked with the help of my brother, who helped me adjust the frame. Interestingly, many of the snaps my friends appreciated were clicked with a N8 cell phone camera. I even clicked a gleaming snap of the sun during summer, which bagged adequate appreciation from friends. The picture looked fabulous as that phone featured a high resolution camera.”
Nature photography is in vogue and Banerjee shares his views on this genre. “Nature offers amazing subjects. “I never really learnt photography. Whatever I have achieved is just out of personal endeavour.” Then how did he select a subject? “I just keep my eyes open. Anything could be a subject. One must have the sense to select the right thing.”
Pushan Banerjee talks of how he joined the world of photography as a young boy. “I now use a Canon Power Shot SX 120 to click my most desirable snaps,” says the 22-year-old. “I have been into professional photography for the past one and half years. I never joined a professional course but I/m always learning. I know editing, which I do with the help of Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoscope and so on. I had a passion for photography since my school days. Basically, I am an engineering student.”
Amitava Mitra wishes to to open his own studio in time to further his career in photography. The 24-year-old says, “I started with a Canon Powershot A550.Now I use a Nikon D3200. Photography is not a new element for me as I consider myself a true legacy of my family. My father was a photographer. I recently did a course from the Photography Association Of Dumdum. I want to capture more candid shots as these are not in vogue in Kolkata. But they tell a story, like photographs of a marriage ceremony.”
Do they agree that online social communities boost the urge for photography among youth ? Pushan Banerjee agrees. “It promotes a hunger for perfection. Nowadays, there are discounts on the price of DSLRs, which help even amateur photographers improve.”
Amitava Mitra says, “It helps to go through snapshots captured by ace photographers because these give us an opportunity to widen our horizons.”
“ I admire Raghu Rai,” says Sourav Banerjee. “I visit his page on Facebook and it gives me lots of fresh ideas. He can think of anything. I also like when my friends appreciate my snapshots. As a whole, photography inspires youngsters to work at acquiring that note of perfection.”
Mitra has a passion for fashion and product photography, Pushan Banerjee would love to try his luck in the media and Sourav Banerjee wishes to be a wildlife photographer. With shutterbug fever gaining momentum, one might well look forward to welcoming epic proportions.