Agence France-Presse
Washington, 26 September
The gunman who slaughtered 12 people last week in Washington is seen darting through a navy building like a special forces operator in a chilling video released.
The FBI also said analysis of Aaron Alexis&’s medical history shows he believed he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency, or ELF, electro-magnetic waves.
Alexis used a sawed-off shotgun and a handgun in the 16 September massacre at the Washington Navy Yard, etched into various parts of the shotgun were several phrases, said Valerie Parlave, assistant director of the FBI&’s Washington field office.
“On the left side were the phrases, ‘better off this way’ and ‘my ELF weapon’,” she told a news conference.
Police eventually shot and killed Alexis but not before a dozen people died in the latest mass shooting to shock America. Four other people were wounded.
Ms Parlave said Alexis, who is not seen opening fire at any point in the footage, apparently had medical issues. “At this point, I can confirm that there are multiple indicators that Alexis held a delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency or ELF electro-magnetic waves,” Ms Parlave said.
“The etching of ‘my ELF weapon’ on the shotgun is believed to reference this,” she added. ELF wave technology is used by submarines to communicate while at considerable depth.