Hong Kong is facing its biggest and one of the most violent protests which started on the 30th anniversary of China’s Tiananmen Square. There have been incidents of police brutality against unarmed protesters and in one such incident a woman allegedly lost her eye on August 11.

According to Hong Kong Free Press the woman apparently lost her eye after a projectile, which appeared to be a bean bag round, was seen lodged inside her safety goggles, leaving her right eyeball ruptured.

Hong Kong’s student activist and secretary-general of pro-democracy party Demosistō, Joshua Wong who has been actively reporting incidents of violence on his Twitter account, also shared the image of the young woman who faced the police brutality.

The #Eye4HK movement started when, Korean actor Kim Eui Sung took to Instagram to express his solidarity with the people of Hong Kong who have been protesting for their democratic rights.

The Train To Busan fame actor captioned his post saying, “I heard the news!
1.7 million people marched! Strong and peaceful! I am so proud of You Honkongers!” In the picture the actor was covering his right eye with his hand.

In a following post the actor mentioned the reason why he and many other Koreans were covering their right eye. A caption which was written in Korean, said, “the reason we cover our right eye is to comfort Hong Kong woman who was hurt by police fire during the demonstration and to cheer Hong Kong citizens fighting for freedom and democracy.”

Eui Sung’s post went viral among many Koreans and later spread to Hong Kong and other parts of the world and it is now called #Eye4HK.

A twitter account, solely dedicated to this campaign has already started. The account posts pictures of celebrities and people from around the world who are expressing their solidarity with the people of Hong Kong.

From 23-year-old Hong Kong politician Nathan Law to a woman from Thailand the social media campaign is gathering supporters from around the world.

The protests in Hong Kong have entered its 11th consecutive week and around 1.7 million protesters carried out a peaceful march on August 19 after the protests had become violent.

As a part of one country two systems, Hong Kong is the only part of China which practices democracy. Britain left Hong Kong in 1997 in exchange of guarantee that China will allow democracy in its erstwhile colony for the next 50 years. However, in recent years China seems to be controlling Hong Kong’s democratic rights and with an introduction of an extradition bill, things went out of control between the two.

Hong Kongers demanded that the bill be cancelled since it could be used to curb freedom of speech and try citizens of Hong Kong in Communist China’s courts which again could take away their civil rights.