Balasore, 6 January
Thousands of people, mostly school children, attended a unique night sky watching programme and astronomy workshop organised by Krushna Chandra Mohanty Foundation in collaboration with Pathani Samanta Planetarium and Samanta Chandra Sekhar Amateur Astronomer&’s Association, at Nilgiri on Saturday night. 
The main attraction of the programme, which also included a two-hour lecture, was gazing at the night sky with powerful telescopes. 
The students were delighted to see the moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and other celestial bodies through telescopes in great detail, said convener of Krushna Chandra Mohanty Foundation, Dr Lekhasri Samantsinghar. 
“This is for the first time when such a programme was conducted in Nilgiri and it immensely benefitted the students. They were inspired by the event and would certainly look forward to being scientists and astronomers in future,” he said. 
He informed that many similar night sky watching programmes would be conducted in Nilgiri area to educate the school children. 
The SCCA joint secretary Mr Golaka Bihari Pradhan, young astronomer Mr Prasanta Kumar Das, well-known star gazer of the state Mr Nirkar Sahu and Mr Purussotam Bal spoke on the occasion, which was inaugurated by the local sub-collector Mr Sridhar Nayak.