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KOLKATA, 12 JUNE: The West Bengal government today contested the statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau, saying that it did not publish the state’s disclaimer that rapes and grave crimes have declined.
Director General of Police (DGP) Mr Naparajit Mukherjee, who attended the press conference, said that the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), did not publish the state’s disclaimer that rapes and grave crimes have declined. "We have written to the NCRB to publish our disclaimer to remove misconception about the crime scenario but they are adamant and declined to publish it," he said.
The NCRB has reported 30,942 incidents of crime against women in the state in 2012 as against 29,133 in 2011 but Mr Mukherjee claimed that the situation was comparatively much better in Bengal compared to other states. "Cruelty against women (498 A) is high but regarding the other cases like dowry death (304B) it is 593 that is much more lower than other states, including UP. "The rate of heinous crimes, including rape, have declined to 1,978 in 2012 from 2,317 in 2012, so we have urged the NCRB to publish our disclaimer," he said. He said that the state government is very serious to curb crimes against women and quick action was taken in the past six months.
"Life sentences were awarded in cases of rape and serious crimes in Malda, North Dinajpur and Haldia. This shows our commitment to bring down the crime rate and atrocities against women in West Bengal in the past six months, " he said
His statement came five days after the gangrape of a teenager at Barasat in North 24-Parganas, which sparked off a public protest. He also said , Shibu Yadav, the accused in the TV journalists attack case will be arrested soon.
“Rape incidents have come down considerably as also heinous crimes in West Bengal. But the NCRB refused to publish our disclaimer despite our communication,” Mr Mukherjee said. Stating that a proposal to set up a new police station in Barasat was under consideration, the DGP said that police had already taken steps in the gangrape case.
In an apparent reference to the Barasat gangrape and assault of TV reporters, Chief Secretary Sanjay Mitra said that ‘stray incidents’ had been reported in the state in the past two to three days with police taking action. “We will file a charge-sheet and plead in the court for awarding maximum possible punishment,” the chief secretary said. “The state government has zero tolerance towards crime,” he added.