Hailing the decisive mandate in Bihar, CPI on Sunday termed it a "defeat for BJP and Narendra Modi" and a rejection of "communal politics" even as it stated that the performance of Left parties in the Assembly polls was a "matter of concern".

The party claimed that the results reflected "people’s opinion of Modi" and also hit out at BJP’s ideological mentor, RSS, saying that its "communal and divisive" politics stands rejected by Bihar electors.

"It is a very decisive mandate. It is a defeat for BJP, it is a defeat for Modi. Never before has it happened that a prime minister campaigned like a local leader in a state election, addressing so many rallies.

"It will be taken as people’s opinion about Modi also…

it is a rejection of RSS’s communal politics. Because, during the campaign, (RSS chief) Mohan Bhagwat came to the centre-stage of politics, speaking on all political issues," said CPI national secretary D Raja.

He further asserted that "people rejected the divisive, sectarian and fascist politics of RSS".

Meanwhile, responding to the dismal showing by Left parties in Bihar polls, Raja said they will have to "rework" their strategy to strengthen themselves in the Hindi region.

Trends available for 239 out of a total of 243 seats in Bihar Assembly hinted at a poor performance by the Left with CPI not in the lead on any of them.