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Court hearing on Brexit starts in London

IANS | London |

The British Supreme Court on Monday started hearing the Brexit legal case to decide whether the British government can begin the process to pull Britain out of the European Union (EU) without parliament’s approval, media reported.
Protestors from both the leave and remain camps gathered in Parliament Square to demonstrate their feelings ahead of the case in the nearby courthouse, where the Supreme Court will be hearing four days of legal arguments and submissions, Xinhua news agency reported.
The government has insisted it has the power and authority to start the exit process by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, the formal gateway for a member country quitting the EU.
At the start of the hearing, Lord Neuberger, President of the court, said the Supreme Court exists to decide points of law which fall within its jurisdiction.
“The Justices of the Court are of course aware of the public interest in this case. And we are aware of the strong feelings associated with the many wider political questions surrounding the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union,” he said.