Cairo, 23 June: An Egyptian court today asked the Interpol to arrest Hamas and Hezbollah militants who along with Muslim Brotherhood members and local rebels stormed a prison in 2011 and freed 34 Islamist leaders, including President Mohammed Mursi. The Egyptian court accused the Muslim Brotherhood members of complicity in the raiding Egyptian Wadi al-Natr-on Prison during the security lax the country was experiencing after the 25 January revolution. Mr Mursi was imprisoned there and was among those released when the prison was stormed. The wanted include Samy Shehab from Lebanese Hezbollah; Ayman Nofal and Mohammed al-Hady from Palestinian Hamas Movement; Ramzy Mowafi, the leader of Al-Qaida organisation in the Sinai Peninsula, among others, be captured for investigations into the crimes attributed to them.
Luxor governor resigns
Luxor’s new governor,Adel al-Khayat, a member of an ultra-conservative party linked to the 1997 tourists massacre in Egypt’s famed temple city, today said he has resigned after his appointment stirred a controversy. He blamed his resignation on “an unjust media campaign” against him, Al Ahram newspaper reported.