China confirmed on Tuesday that it would send a delegation to the US to prepare for the 13the round of high- level trade talks between the two nations scheduled for October.

The United States and China have been embroiled in a bruising trade war for more than a year but they have eased off some of their tit-for-tat tariffs ahead of negotiations in October.

The official Xinhua news agency said vice finance minister Liao Min will lead a delegation visiting the United States on Wednesday to “pave the way” for the higher-level talks.

Last week, China said it would spare some US products, including major items such as soybeans and pork, from additional tariffs while US President Donald Trump delayed an increase in punitive duties on $250 billion worth of Chinese goods for two weeks, until October 15.

The Chinese government then exempted US pork and soybeans, along with other agricultural products, from being subject to punitive tariffs.

Earlier in the month, the US had imposed fresh tariffs on $112 billion worth of Chinese imported goods, marking a sharp escalation of the bruising trade war between the world’s two largest economies.