Beijing, 15 July:  Battling against all odds, a mother of a Chinese rape victim has won a rare law suit against the officials for condemning her to the dreaded labour camp to silence her from demanding justice.
The Hunan Provincial Higher People’s Court today ordered the Yongzhou municipal re-education through labour commission to pay Tang Hui 2,941 yuan (USD 478) in compensation for infringing upon her personal freedom and causing mental damages, Xinhua news agency reported.
The 40-year-old mother appealed to the higher people’s court in April after the Yongzhou Intermediate People’s Court denied her request for an apology and compensation from the re-education through labour commission, which were stated to be prison camps officially stated as re-education camps by the ruling Communist Party of China.
Tang was put into the labour camp after she publicly petitioned for harsher punishments for those found guilty of raping her daughter and forcing her into prostitution.
Tang said she was relatively “satisfied” with the result but regretted that her demand for a written apology was refused.