China on Tuesday criticised North Korea's ballistic missile launch earlier during the day and warned Pyongyang to stop violating UNSC resolutions in this regard.

"China opposes North Korea for breaching the UN Security Council resolutions to conduct launching activities," Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said during a press conference here.

"We urge North Korea to stop and create needed conditions for the resumption of talks on peace and denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula," Geng was quoted as saying by Efe news.

Following the intercontinental missile launch, confirmed as successful by North Korea, Geng said Beijing has been following the event closely.

The spokesperson stressed that the UNSC (whose rotating presidency was assumed by China on Monday) resolutions "have clear rules on North Korea's ballistic missile technology and activities of (ballistic missile) launches".

Geng underlined China's stance saying that the situation on the Korean peninsula is "delicate and complex", which is why he reiterated Beijing's request to all parties involved to show moderation and avoid all actions which may further escalate tensions.

North Korean state broadcaster KCTV said on Tuesday that the new missile, Hwasong-14, is capable of striking anywhere in the world.