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China to make preferential policies for Taiwanese

IANS | Beijing |

China said on Wednesday that Beijing will frame policies to support and attract Taiwanese to work and live on the mainland.

The policies are currently being drawn up, An Fengshan, spokesperson of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, was quoted by Xinhua news agency. 

An said the policies cover employment, social insurance and living needs, and added that the policies will not only facilitate Taiwanese to live and work on the mainland, but aim to boost the social and economic integration of the two sides.

Taiwan is a self-ruled island claimed by Beijing since 1949 when Chiang Kai-shek fled China after being overthrown by Communists. 

Taiwan and China are separated by a strait known as 'Taiwan Strait.' The tensions between the two have risen after the island elected Tsai Ing-Wen as its President in 2016. 

Tsai belongs to Democratic Progressive Party which has traditionally supported Taiwan's independence. 

In response to a question concerning remarks by the Taiwan administration about Taiwanese enterprises that operate on the mainland, An said the Chinese mainland had always encouraged and supported Taiwanese enterprises and set great store by safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests.

"We used to do in this way and we will continue to do it in the future," said An. 

"Who on earth is disturbing and hindering cross-Strait economic cooperation and Taiwan investment in the mainland? We must see it clearly." An asked. 

An said huge business opportunities have been created by the reform and opening up of the mainland. The Chinese mainland will continue to encourage Taiwan businessmen to develop on the mainland, and provide more convenience and opportunities for them.