Canada has completed its first airstrike on the Islamic State (IS) forces in Syria, Canadian military forces confirmed.

Canada’s defence ministry said in a statement on Wednesday that CF-18 Hornet fighter planes "conducted their first airstrike in Syria since the government’s decision to extend and expand Operation IMPACT, Canada’s military contribution to the US-led coalition" against IS, Efe news agency reported.

Canadian military authorities added that two CF-18s used "precision-guided munitions" on an IS stronghold in the locality of Ar Raqqah.

Eight other planes from coalition nations, including six from the US, also took part in the airstrike.

The Canadian military mission against IS was initially limited to operations against jihadi groups in Iraq as Syrian authorities have not authorised other countries to penetrate their airspace to attack the terrorist outfit.

However, last week Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided to expand the anti-IS operations into Syria until March 30, 2016.

Canada’s opposition parties, the New Democratic Party and the Liberal Party, have opposed the decision, calling it political chicanery with an eye to general elections in October this year.