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Brazil president slams violence

Statesman News Service |

BRASILIA, 22 JUNE: Embattled president Dilma Rousseff has admitted in a televised address that Brazil can do better and pledged to do more to fight corruption, a day after more than a million people marched to demand better living conditions. “We can do many things a lot better in Brazil,” said Ms Rousseff yesterday, the day after the protesters demanded cheaper transport and more investment in education and health care as well as a tougher fight against endemic corruption. “People have a right to criticise,” Ms Rousseff said, adding that she would staunchly defend that right. Appealing for unity, Ms Rousseff, who promised to meet with the leaders of peaceful demonstrations as well as workers and community leaders, said: “I am the president of all Brazil ~ of those who support the demonstration and those who do not.”
“The government cannot stand by as people attack public property … and bring chaos to our streets,” she stressed. afp