The fourth anime convention discussed what makes animation films and comics so popular among kids. Rakesh kumar finds out more

Pokemon, Doremon and Chota Bheem have all become household names and one has heard all about these cartoon characters from kids. That they are a craze among younger generation is indication enough that animation is searching for its own space among the Indian population.  

Recognising the trend, Cinedarbaar&’s, held the fourth Anime Convention at Marwah Studios in Film City, Noida. For the first time, the event hosted some of the best from animation, gaming, comics, graphic novels and Manga industries at one place. “Be it animation, comics or Manga all are quite popular among the Japanese kids,” said the Nao Hirasawa, a well-known animation film-maker from Japan. “At the same time, gradually these things are getting popular among Indian kids also. Sadly, Indians are not paying much attention to it.” 

 The fourth convention witnessed stalwarts from Japan, Korea, the US, Switzerland and India informing, entertaining and sharing their experience with visitors through workshops, master-classes, gaming tournaments, exhibitions, merchandise and much more. The sole aim was to create a platform that would allow aspirants, students, fans, geeks and professionals to interact with the best from the world of animation, gaming and comics/Manga and exploit the opportunity to the hilt. “When we talk about animation films or comics, then only Japan comes in one&’s mind whereas India also has potential to develop their own cartoon characters or animation films,” opined Hirasawa. 


The four-day convention had Korea as its country partner and witnessed the screening of Korean animation movies like S Robot Taekwon V by Kim Cheong-Gi, The King of Pigs by Yeon Sang-Ho and others. The convention was not only dedicated to animation films but also comics, in which famous independent historian of Japanese art and comics, Ryan Holmberg shared his view on Manga. “Video games could destroy the time of kids or affect their minds. Not comics or animation films. These things helps the kids to grow,” said Ryan Holmberg.