If you’re looking for a premium quality SUV, the Q3 should help you make up your mind, writes tarun goswami
IT warrants repetition that the 1990s rewrote India&’s automobile history, with then finance minister Manmohan Singh introducing a liberalisation policy and inviting foreign manufacturers to set up shop in the country. All the big boys responded with gusto and captains of industry, like General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Skoda and Volvo, set up plants but it was German auto manufacturers who reaped the maximum benefit of the liberalisation plan. Players like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen have set-ups in the country and their variants are selling well.
The story goes that a gentleman once stopped by a showroom in Germany with a mind to buying an Audi. Not satisfied with the answers he got from the sales people, he approached the workshop manager and asked after the vehicle. The manager in question, an old engineer, calmly told him to direct his questions at someone who had bought an Audi.
This is the sort of pride and confidence Audi exemplifies every now and then. It has introduced several models, the current most popular being the Q3. And for those who exult in driven hatchbacks, this is the dream machine. It really is the most luxurious SUV in its segment — elegance, comfort, power and punch combined so beautifully in a single vehicle.
German cars are famous for their strength and stability, given the obsessive priority placed on passenger safety. The Q3 has steel bars that save it in the event of frontal or lateral collisions and airbags in the front and sides add to this picture of wellbeing. There&’s also a thick steel sheet that safeguards the undercarriage, particularly when you’re driving on a bumpy, potholed road. Very sophisticated and powerful brakes guarantee you stop, and even during emergency braking there&’s no problem.
The Q3 has halogen headlights that operate with electric headlight range control and its daytime running lights as well as LED indicators in the exterior mirrors are welcome innovations. The long-lasting gas-discharge technology enables an even and intensive illumination of the road ahead and the automatic dynamic  headlight range control prevents oncoming traffic from being dazzled.  As a result, night driving is a definite pleasure.
Looks wise, theQ3 is a head-turner, with alloy wheelcaps adding beauty to the exterior. Then there&’s the rectangular grille that contributes to the vehicle&’s ruggedness.
The Q3 can be driven with equal ease in both the city and  on highways. Sensitive steering makes light of driving ennui and the interior is so designed as to remove that feeling of monotony on long trips.
The vehicle comes in attractive colours and after-sales outlets operate round the clock with expert engineers to attend to any hitches. So if you’re looking for a premium quality SUV, the Q3 should make up your mind. It comes for a rather steep price but then you get the works.