Sambalpur, 5 December
A number of patients, including those belonging to financially weaker sections, who depend on VSS medical college and hospital at Burla are deprived of quality health care service due to lack of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility.
According to reports, the company entrusted with the responsibility to set up the MRI machine has already started running the ‘Multi Utility Complex’ in the hospital, but is yet to provide the MRI facility here.
Apart from providing medicines, surgical items, canteen facility to the patients in multi-utility complex, the company is also required to provide the MRI service to the patients here as per the agreement.
“A central government undertaking company, HLL Life Care Limited has been entrusted with installing the machine here. But the work remains incomplete as on today. If the machine is installed in right time, thousands of patients will be immensely benefitted,” said a doctor in VSSMCH wishing not to be named.
He informed that the MRI machine plays a vital role in treatment of crucial diseases.“In the absence MRI machine, the patients here are facing the problem and forced to depend on the private nursing homes,” said Mr Nihal Singh, a social worker.“The multi-utility complex started functioning here in the hospital five months back. The patients here are availing the medicines, surgical items and canteen facility. But MRI facility is yet to be provided to them,” he added.
The principal of VSS medical college and hospital,Prof. Santosh Behera admitted to the inordinate delay in installing the machine. “We have already intimated the health department about the delay and asked the company to speed up the installation,” he added.