Jajpur, 24 October
In what is sure to help the historians throw more light on the Ganga dynasty that had ruled over the state, several ancient inscripted stone pillars dating back to the 13th century AD have been discovered at Kaima hill in Dharmasala area of Jajpur district.
Local Buddhist researcher, Nrusingha Charan Sahu, who discovered the archaeological artifacts, claimed that this is for the first time when pillars having inscription referring to the era of the dynasty has been unearthed in Odisha.
“I believe the discovery belongs to the era of Ganga dynasty. The inscription found on the unearthed stone pillars resembles the script of the Ganga dynasty era during 13th century AD. The discovery is unique as no pillar having such inscription referring to the era has ever been discovered from the area,” he said.
He had accidentally come across the articles that were lying near an abandoned well. He collected the 11 pieces of stone pillars with inscriptions on them. They are 24 inches long and 10-12 inches breadth and made of red Khandolite stone.
“If experts are engaged to read the scripted language on the pillars, then we would come to a concrete conclusion," he said, adding  that if more research work was carried out, many historical facts would come to light.