Pakistan on Thursday said that 132 of its traders were detained at the Moscow airport by Russian authorities and efforts were underway to repatriate the remaining 84 nationals.

Foreign Office (FO) spokesman Nafess Zakaria said that these Pakistanis were part of a group of traders, who were traveling to Russia for an exhibition on Wednesday when they were detained at the Moscow airport.

Russia already sent back 48 Pakistanis on Wednesday while the remaining 84 will be soon brought back, said Zakaria.

"The Foreign office is in touch with Russian embassy in Islamabad on the matter," he said.

It was not known why they were held and being deported back, he said.

The Express News TV reported Pakistan’s ambassador to Russia Qazi Khalilullah saying that the Pakistan embassy in Moscow is negotiating with the Russian authorities for their release.

"A Pakistan embassy official is at the airport to negotiate with the Russian authorities for the release of these men," he said.

The incident comes after the Brussels attacks on Tuesday which killed more than 30 people and created worldwide panic.