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Where the old charm meets the new

SNS | New Delhi |

The old has a charm that can never fade away and how much we wish to step into a time machine that takes us to old times so we relive those moments.
With the cities becoming a concrete jungle we surely need a break. A getaway to the simpler time where life has its own pace and is not at all hasty.
We all look for a place where we can relax and feel every moment as it passes by, making memories and cherishing those moments. One such place where the old meets the new is old Manali in Himachal Pradesh.
Manali is a familiar name but only a few know about its older version. River Manalsu separates them. A small bridge which connects both the places is one of the most visited locations of the region. This bridge is flooded with adventure sport freaks. You can see people taking a dip in the river or crossing it through a ropeway. Adjoining this bridge is a Natural Park which attracts many tourists especially families and children. Once you walk through this bridge you witness a transition.
When you enter Old Manali you suddenly find people of different nationalities. Israelis, Americans, Dutch and of course Indians can be seen walking around. Hippy culture and old himachali village culture exist simultaneously in this region. On one side, you will find happening cafes and on the other, a row of old houses and stables.
A market with classy cafes, live music, tattoo parlors and discos makes it like mini Goa in hills.
Number of home-stays available in Old Manali is where you can experience a combination of global and local. A walk through the apple and apricot orchards to reach cute little cottages makes your happy hormones flow. These cottages are available at affordable price and the room service is amazing. You will get to eat one of the best Nutella pancakes there.
Nights are the most beautiful in this secluded part of the world. It is a happy place for many for sure. The live music, the sound of Manalsu River flowing at the back and cool breeze will make this your favorite place to detoxify your mind.
Take a walk alone to appreciate this amalgamation of old and new and meet new people with different cultures and languages to experience how big and amazing the world is. 
By Mehak Chauhan