Weekend getaway | A day trip from Jaipur

The ruins of Bhangarh fort.

For the wanderlust in you who wants to explore off-beat places, Rajasthan has no dearth of them. This state rich in culture and history has been attracting tourists year round be it for its heavenly food, huge forts, scenic beauty or the magnificent palaces.

If you are also among the thousands who have been fascinated by Rajasthan, head to the state to explore the haunting past of this state. The state never ceases to amaze anyone with the wondersit throws up at every turn. It is just another wonder that the Rajasthan famous for its royalty is also a paradise for budget travelers and backpackers.

Those living in or visiting Delhi can easily use a weekend to have a fulfilling Jaipur-Bhangarh-Abhaneri-Jaipur day trip from the Pink City.


So, head to ISBT Kashmere Gate or Dhaula Kuan bus stand and hop on one of the numerous buses plying to Jaipur. It’s a 5-hour drive by road and a ticket costs around Rs 200.

Day 1:

Visit the major attractions in the Pink City such as Hawa Mahal, Bapu Bazaar. Don’t forget to get pictures clicked near the Jal Mahal.

In the evening, hail an auto on hire and head off to the Nahargarh Fort to catch the beautiful sunset atop the hill and stay back to see a blanket of stars shining over the entire Jaipur city. Don’t forget to stop by one of the restaurants for a splendid dinner with live Rajasthani folk music.


The sunset view from Nahargarh fort


Day 2:

Next morning, take a shared cab and leave for the small town of Bhangarh, which is known as Asia’s most haunted place.

A two-hour drive from Jaipur, the town with a population of barely 1,250 people has now become a major tourist destination. And the fact that the fort town has no electricity makes it appear more spooky.

The roads are uneven and bumpy. Giving out an eerie vibe as you enter the town, situated amid small hillocks, the fort is in ruins. A signboard by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) states that entry is prohibited before sunrise and after sunset.

As you enter, there are many temples and residences of the priests which lay in ruins now. Standing on the terrace of the fort, one can see the vast expanse of the place.  According to a local guide, the fort traces back to a queen who placed a curse on the fort and turned it into ruins overnight.

If these stories may be true or not, but the place is pretty and with barely anything unnatural. Spooky or not, it’s a must visit for it fills you up with the feeling of the unknown.

For lunch, stop by the roadside dhabas on the highway and head to Abhaneri for the famous step-well known as Chand Baori in the Dausa village.

Another 41-km drive from Bhangarh, which takes around an hour and a half, and you are in front of this compact and deep baori. Its geometric steps go down on three sides with a carved pavilion and a resting room for the royals. Given the arid climate of Rajasthan, it was built to conserve water.


Chand Baori: One of the deepest stepwells in India (Photo: iStock)


The baori has been used as a location for a number of films such as Bhool Bhulaiya, Bhoomi, and also the prison scene in The Dark Knight Rises.

Yes, do carry a compass with you. It’s said a compass doesn’t work in the fort because of its “high magnetic field”, and you must try it first hand. Many travelers find the claim to be true.

Spend around two hours here, gaze at the marvelous architecture and visit the ancient Harshat Mata temple across the road.

Start your journey back to Jaipur.

Don’t forget to stop by and admire the colorful fields and the blissful scenery.

WHERE-TO-STAY: Plenty of budget options and backpacker hostels are available in Jaipur.