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Voyage of life

Prapti Dasgupta | Kolkata |

To journey is to escape. Journeys magnify into a whirlwind of love affairs. At the risk of romanticising the entire concept of it, journeys also spill over into the pool of adventures. It means engaging enthralling experiences; it acts as a teacher of patience and wisdom.

To go on a journey does not necessarily mean having to cover a particular distance in a certain amount of time. Moon strikes us with a pale yet fluorescent beauty, floating and at times hiding amidst the clouds. Maybe it has taken the journey across the same lands through eons and has been witness to the unfolding of several stories, several acclamations of love and war.

The moon has the liberty to continue its journey to witness another world of fantasy. The journey through the woods and onto the sea shore at dusk is nothing less fulfilling.

To stand on the sandy floor lined with the crystal waves of the sea, while the sun trickles gold into the crimson horizon, could only translate into an enriching experience. The process of walking through those same woods as one's senses are caged by the rain-soaked tress is in itself an affair to be remembered.

To journey also means to travel, to glide across autumnal routes, to climb snowcapped peaks and to breathe in the summer wind. Sitting in a room, lit with nothing but the pale moonlight peeping through the windows while swaying to the lyrical hues of Denver, Lobo or Bony Iver, is the journey of an exhausted soul. A journey through which it finds warm solace and closure.

Having to face an overflow of sudden emotions in a crowded room full of unknown faces leads to a secret journey through buried sensations. During a night of torrential downpour, to see the rain drops travel from the dark hollow centre of the sky and into the cracks of the window-pane, could well be considered to be a long, tiresome journey as the droplets breathe out exhaustion after drenching the universe in their cold comfort.

Books too take us on unforgettable journeys, be it through the streets by the side of the watery canals of Venice, the stadium of Stratford, the magical world of elves and talking trees, or be it the grim reality explored through the human mind. It takes us back and forth and somewhere in between, we find the heart and the mind converging.

As the ink from a pen travels from the top of an old, yellow paper to the bottom, it unveils unrequited tokens of love or hidden laughter. The ink feels as it flows across the pages.

It leaves an unmistakable mark of experience and truth of wildest of dreams and of memories that remain unspoken of. Journey is a set of mixed emotions, a bunch of remembrances. It is not only a romantic idea of travelling to exotic locations but also a path to find oneself.

It is also a way into embracing a reality other than the one we know. It also means surprising one’s self at the abundance of adventure and sensitivity hidden at one’s core.

Coordinator, Ex-Garden High School