Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, one always feels a need to take a break and chill out to rejuvenate and refresh one’s senses and the entire being. Travelling is one of the most preferred ways to achieve that purpose.

To help you plan your travel, we share with you these apps which will inspire you to DIY Travel Plans.

1. Zoomcar: Whether you want to just run around the town or decide for an outstation sojourn, you can go for self-drive cars. This will let you be in control and enjoy the trip as per your own itinerary and freedom. You just have to pre-book a vehicle and it will be delivered at your desired location. Zoomcar serves in 42 cities across the country.

2. Amazon Prime Music: Travel plus music is a treat in itself and it also makes your journey more soothing and a memorable one. Amazon Music provides quick access with the best picks and Top playlist to enjoy your trip without any interruption.

3. Cleartrip: Once you reach your destination, Cleartrip will guide you in selecting the must-visit places and activities to do. The ‘Cleatrip Activities section’ educates the traveller about the cultural and social implications and different sightseeing options of the requisite region. It also helps you to plan your itinerary.

4. Vista Rooms: Where to stay? This is one question that most travellers face. Vista Rooms helps you to choose from over 100 beautiful homes built for an ecstatic travel and life experience with amazing scenic and serene properties at various destinations within India.

5. This app helps you with your basic requirements so that you don’t have to go far, searching for the essential commodities. Nearby assists you to identify the best Cafés, Eating joints, salons, and other places of interest.