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Set sail to the world’s first tunnel for ships!

SNS | New Delhi |

Here's good news for travellers and tourists to the happiest country in the world – Norway. This clean and peaceful country, known for its wide green expanse, colourful houses, great art and museums, icy waters and beautiful natural landscapes, is ideal for vacationing, skiing, hiking and fishing. Next time you visit the place, there will be more to see and more to experience.

In an innovative and challenging move that would change the dynamics of the place and life in the region, Norway has set out a plan to build the world's first tunnel for ship.

The tunnel will cut through the rocky Stadlandet peninsula and help ships sail through the narrowest points of the coast, which mariners dread to venture into. It will help ships avoid rough seas and dangerous waters off its south-western coast.

As you are, now, dreaming of sailing through the tunnel in the sea, know all about it:

The world's first tunnel for ships will be 5,000 feet long.

The width of the tunnel will be 118 feet and its height 162 feet.

It will enable Freight ships and cruise weighing up to 16,000 tonnes to pass through it.

The tunnel construction cost is estimated at $418 million.

The construction of the tunnel will begin in 2019.

The tunnel construction will cut through the rocky Stadlandet peninsula.

Engineers will have to excavate eight million tonnes of rock in the construction of the tunnel.

The tunneling work is expected to complete in 2023.

Once completed, the tunnel is expected to lessen sea travel times between Norwegian cities and towns.