Pile of clothes on bed, empty bag, itinerary on the table and numerous travel blogs on different tabs on computer screen. Excitement and fear all in knots inside you. Well, traveling can be both daunting and exhausting. 
 Just one more day before the trip begins. Tired yet sleepless, insomnia takes over, leaves one overwhelmed and a little light headed, and the anxiety takes toll on the body. Both fear and excitement entangle.
“The restless race of the traveler’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are entangled together, a travel fever that can manifest as illness- travelers call this Resfeber.”
Finally the moment comes. Bags packed. All set to leave. 
While locking the doors, hands shiver, while stepping into the cab heart skips a beat, while tying the seat belt in plane your mind asks you to leave and postpone the trip.
Sometimes, when there are a few hours left uneasiness, nervousness followed by lapse of confidence leads to total meltdown.
The excitement to go to a new place and traveling around is mixed with anxiety. The fear of unexpected cripples and causes travel jitters.
Mind starts to make excuses and procrastinate.
Excited, yet uneasy. With butterflies of a different kind in your stomach, it becomes hard to keep calm. 
Not all face this, but it is experienced by many. No, it is not a disorder. It is not a bad thing to be a little anxious before starting a journey. The fact that the journey is long or the destination is completely unknown and there is no one you know can cause stress. It might show some physical symptoms like nausea, fast heartbeat, feeling breathless, over thinking, dizziness, dry throat, etc.
It is normal and easy to cure. You should never forget why you planned this trip. The purpose that makes you happy cannot scare you.
Traveling is a dream that we see with our mind, heart and eyes wide open. It is as beautiful as a fantasy. To travel places is to live a fairy tale. Gazing at mesmerizing landscapes and breathing in the air filled with freedom can impart calmness and make one free from anxiety.
Before you start with your journey, take a good night’s sleep. Anxiety can be exhausting and you might feel lethargic. So a sound sleep will always help.
Never forget that you are awesome. Be confident or fake it till you make it. You are extraordinary because you are doing what others wish to do but do not have the courage.
 Listening to good, relaxing and happy music gives you a window to blow away the nervousness and jitters.
It is true that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and this is an achievement. So be proud of yourself.
Once you fight your travel jitters, it becomes a personal milestone. Whenever you feel low on motivation your own milestones will stand there to inspire you.
Yoga can be of great help while you are sitting in your seat appearing to be calm from outside but stormy from inside. Belly breathing, seated twist and seated pigeon pose are a few yoga tactics that can help fight anxiety while traveling.
Knowing what to expect can lower the level of anxiety so research properly before leaving for the trip.
Take all your courage and remember to take a deep breath. Do not let your fear consume you. Enjoy that little adrenaline rush and make memories for life.