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India’s very own Venice

SNS | New Delhi |

A traditional houseboat made of cane and wood takes you into the
world of peace where nature exhibits its best colors and forms. Cool breeze
brushes your cheeks, shiny orange sun slides down to peep into your houseboat;
coconut trees greet you when you row into the tranquil backwaters of Alleppey
in Kerala–God’s own country.

The ambient weather, greenery and calmness of Kerala always
attract those who look for a place to lay back and relax. If you are also one
of those then backwaters of Alleppey should surely be in your list.

Alleppey also known as Alappuzha is located on the Laccadive Sea
and is one of the cleanest towns in India. It is 53 km away from Kochi and 155
km north of Trivandrum. There are direct flights available from Delhi to
Trivandrum or you can opt for a train journey. This place’s beauty is perennial
and you can choose to visit here any time of the year. Monsoon, however, can be
cumbersome as Kerala receives heavy rainfall during the season.

 During British Raj, Lord
Curzon once visited the place and called it Venice of India. The flora
especially coconut and palm trees with rustic backwater reflecting the sunlight
mesmerizes you and thus, it surely makes it to the list of destinations of a

Both the traditional and motor house boats are easily available to
take you on a tour to a place that looks like heaven. It never fails to make a
permanent place in your heart and mind. So, breathe in the calmness of
backwaters and leave your stress like your boat leaves ripples in water.

From deserts, both hot and cold to beaches with sand golden and
white, India has so much to offer to those who wish to explore and are always
looking for something different. For all those who want to take a break from
the cold weather in the north can head to south this time to visit the Venetian
Capital of Kerala. Before going international you must check out India’s very
own Venice.

 -by Mehak Chauhan