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Destination East – of blue waters

Asanna Gonmei | New Delhi | Updated :

Blue are the hills, blue is the sky and the river, and the stories are many.

Get away from the smoggy weather that covers your world in grey and come away to where the skies are always blue and let the starry nights shine down on you.

Here, in lush green East,  the sky is always blue even in freezing cold season. The clouds as white as snow. During winter, one can possibly spot a snowman up in the sky. But there’s more beyond blue hills and blue skies…

Go down to the river, or by the lake. The water here is mesmerising blue. You can see the beautiful blue sky and white clouds down below in the water – a magnificent reflection of God’s amazing handywork.

Choose your destination anywhere. The places are many. Head out of the city to the wide open space, far into the wild, high up the forested hills, rush to the waterfalls and trek along the gurgling brooks, it’s calm and peaceful here. Here, you can breath easy.

Listen to the wind. Breath in the fresh smell of the wet green ferns.

Speak to the folks in the village. Sit by their hearth and share a meal or a cup of steaming hot tea with them.

Watch the fire burn and laugh away your blues as the fire crackles take you by surprise.

Ease your feet and listen closely to what they are saying. Behind each word and each smile are things of the wise and pure heart, unsaid and unheard of.

Each place has a story of long ago. Stories told a thousand times and lives in the hearts and minds of every soul there and goes with those who came and stopped for a while and went away. They take pieces of the story to those who dream, a dream that comes true where the water is blue…

Come away, sleep under their clear skies and dream a new dream as the new year dawns.