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Before the sun sets

Mehak Chauhan | New Delhi |

What happens when you watch a horror movie? Sometimes, the heartbeat goes faster, palms sweat and you turn your face away.
An eerie location, strange sounds, slow but firm footsteps and anticipation of something paranormal.
A rush of the adrenaline and chills down the spine, a mixed feeling of fear and excitement and heart beating faster with each step while reaching the climax, waiting to face the ultimate ghost of the movie.
Without the element of exaggeration, real life can be scarier than a horror movie.
There is a place amidst Aravali range, in the state of Rajasthan, near the city Alwar. It is beautiful, yet strange and makes a prominent place in the list of most visited places in India.
Standing since 17th century, it carries many historical stories and legends, interesting enough to attract people to come and visit at least once in life.
Bhangarh Fort, built by Man Singh also known as Bhan Singh in the 17th century, is a place with haunted stories. Some claim it to be one of the most haunted places in the country.  The Archaeological Survey of India itself has placed a warning sign at the entrance–‘Do not stay inside the fort in the night’.
The sign strictly suggested to not enter the premises of this fort in the night.
This spooky destination in the Thar region is a widely visited one in the day. While locals have legends to tell, some try to solve this mystery, and some visit the place for adventure.
Not sure if you see a ghost, but you will surely find a lot of monkeys both Grey Langurs and Rhesus Macaques. So keep your food safe and hidden while you visit the fort.
The ruins do look creepy. To know more about the place, try to have a little chat with the guard sitting near the gate. A great storyteller, the guard will share stories and legends but will also give you the real reason for prohibition after dusk. 
Being neighbour with a wildlife reserve, apart from the scary stories, the fort has many intruders in the night like leopards and other ferocious wild animals. Which is why, visitors to the fort are prohibited in the night.
The fort is adjacent to lush green Sariska Tiger Reserve between Alwar and Jaipur, which you can also visit. It makes for a good roadtrip with friends. If you are looking for a good break and some excitement, take a walk around one of the most haunted places in India.