Long weekends are a perfect excuse to get away from your mundane routine and take a break, relax, and travel to places for rejuvenating oneself. For those who believe in impulse and immediate planning and wait till the last moment to decide their plans for the long weekend. Then you need not to worry about it. Here’s the list of apps that can make you free from last minute hustle bustle.

  1. OYO Hotels & Homes– Netizens surely do not need any introduction to OYO. This app is your saviour for any accommodation-related query and gives you a sense of comfort and easily find the best place to stay at decent prices at last minute on your fingertips. All you need to do is select a destination and head out with your family and friends. So, if you aren’t prepared for the upcoming long weekend yet, then need not to worry about it. Mark your destination and book the nearest OYO.
  2. Revv –It is one of the coolest apps where you can go out in style on your trip with this stylish app that provides self-drive car rental service at your doorstep and at the best rates. It is the world’s first self-drive car rental service that delivers a car at your doorstep that can take you for a long ride just like your own car. Currently available in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. It offers you an unlimited pricing plan. So, drive like a boss and give yourself the treat to ride to your favourite holiday destination!
  3. Spotify – After travel and accommodation things are done then here comes the next best thing on your list has to be music! The journey is not complete without a playlist that makes your mood happy and gets you prepared for all the upcoming adventures. Spotify comes with a huge catalogue of songs and playlists along with podcasts, and multi-language recommendations.
  4. Google Maps –One of the most smartest app when you actually plan your road trip then you really need to have someone’s guidance. Road trips can go really wrong if you don’t have the right navigation app and definitely a map reader by your side. Google Maps knows more than you do and finds a way around Indian roads. Along with location tracking, it offers Voice navigation and traffic updates. There is the option to choose between walking, public transport and car for a destination as well.
  5. Netflix – If you are not in the mood for any trip but just want to chill on your couch, don’t feel like taking a step out of your comfort zone and eat some palatable food and catch up on your favourite series, movies and documentaries, you need to have a Netflix! They have an amazing collection of Indian and foreign content. All you need to do is order your favourite dish and some popcorn and in case, if you are looking for company, call your friends who have the same plan as yours stay at home and chill!