There is more to explore at Washington DC, more than what an outsider would think of the capital of the superpower USA. There is life with full of joy outside the White House and the Federal buildings. It offers something for everyone. There are free museums to visit, espionage adventures and sightseeing tours to experience and more fun related stuff that you can do for enjoying or making your holiday memorable with family. Snap photos with past Presidents, or just eat a decidedly DC hot dog. It’s all your call how you want to spend your vacation in the capital of the United States. All you need to do is follow the suggestions for five fun things that you can do with your family in Washington, DC

Reach for the stars at free Smithsonian museum

The most popular of the Smithsonian is the National Air & Space Museum, which technically is one museum with two locations. Visitors can touch a moon rock and admire the first American jet aircraft at the National Mall. Kids also love to play detective at the International Spy Museum- which is filled with completely immersive, state-of-the-art exhibits which engage them in discovering and participating in the secret world of espionage!

Cruise down the Potomac for a breathtaking perspective 

A spectacular view of the DC skyline can be experienced with entertainment cruises and one will surely love this place. The Spirit of Washington embarks from the Southwest Waterfront for dinner, lunch and brunch cruises, passing by landmarks such as the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial. Get to the ship’s deck to enjoy one of the best views of the city.

Enjoy a meal ‘Family Style’

A family that eats together prays together, stays together, this phrase suits here, having a meal at family-style. It not only reinforces the sharing is caring mantra, but in simple terms, one heaping platter of spaghetti and meatballs or chicken cacciatore is often big enough to feed the whole family. Nothing brings families together quite like dessert, and the tiramisu and cannoli do not disappoint. With a list of Michelin starred restaurants, one will be spoilt for choice.

Passport DC- May 4th 2019 and May 11th 2019

Passport DC is a month-long festival in May that pays tribute to Washington, DC’s thriving international culture. As part of the festival, the first two Saturdays in May are devoted to embassy open houses. From taking an embassy walkthrough to exploring the different cuisines of the different countries, this one-of-its-kind event makes for a memorable experience.

Rock Creek Park

An oasis in a bustling city, most of Rock Creek Park consists of hardwood trees, a boiling brook, and rocky outcrops. The park has a host of exciting activities like going on a nature trail, horse riding and learning about nature in a family-friendly way. It also borders the property designated for the Smithsonian National Zoo. There are two entrances to the wildly-popular zoo that houses America’s first pandas.