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The doctor’s deceit


Being a doctor, she planned everything with accuracy. She changed her appearance by undergoing cosmetic surgery, assumed an altogether new identity and virtually left no trace of her whereabouts before escaping to Nepal.
But apparently the Punjab doctor Ravdeep Kaur, who had jumped parole in December last year after getting sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering a judge, could not stay “off touch” with her Facebook friends.
The use of the popular social networking site ultimately helped Punjab Police track her down and arrest the fugitive doctor when she crossed over from Nepal to India in order to collect some documents which would have helped her fly to some other country.
Dr Kaur, a gynecologist, went missing in December after leaving behind a suicide note to make police believe she was dead. 
She had moved to Nepal and was living there as Arpita Jain with the help of a fake voter card showing her as a resident of Jalandhar.
To escape technical surveillance, Dr Kaur didn’t make any contact with her family or friends through phone. But police was tracking Facebook account of her North America-based relative who had added her as a friend a few days ago using her fake name.
“She was in touch with the account holder, whose account Patiala police were tracking since her disappearance. We traced Dr Kaur’s internet number and found her location,” said a senior police officer.
Dr Kaur was arrested on Tuesday when she was trying to board a bus from Kashipur to Rudrapur in Uttarakhand, senior superintendent of police (SSP), Mr Gurmeet Singh Chauhan said. Gold and diamond jewellery worth Rs 80 lakh and Rs 12.5 lakh in cash was recovered from her possession. 
Police sources said Dr Kaur had used all her last three paroles to arrange logistics in Nepal.