Are you worried about the expensive apps on Apple Play Store and unable to download them for free? Sigh of relief for you. There are a lot of iphone apps available for free for a limited period of time by the developers. Some of them are:

Earmuffs – Normally $0.99

If you want to gift an iphone to your kids, don’t forget to install Earmuffs before handing over a new phone to them. Earmuffs is an adult content blocker designed to protect kids on the Internet. Once installed, it prevents them from accessing adult content using iOS9s new content blocking ability.

Matcha 3 – Normally $9.99

If you are having a problem taking down your notes, ideas or activity logs. This app is the right solution for your problems.

Matcha 3 add text, styles, formatting, hyperlink, photo collage, table, text box and other kind of contents that render beautifully on any device and media.

Unlike other word processors, Matcha 3 is made from only the most essential ingredients to keep you fit, agile and productive.

Monster Math 2- Normally $5.99

For all those, who find Mathematics difficult, Monster Math 2 app is the solution. This app helps your child learn addition, subtraction, division as well as factors and multiples. You are getting it for free. Go and grab before it&’s too late.

Reflex- Normally $1.99

Do not question, just download this app for free from Apple Store because this app is simply superb for those who are crazy about clicking pictures.

With Reflex, you can click photos, edit them and share them to social network websites like- Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Audio Memos- Normally $0.99

This app will solve your problem of recording large files and audios in interviews, briefings, music session and lectures. For journalists, it is a blessing in disguise and it will let you get rid of the old recorders.

Audio Memos is a professionally made audio recorder. It has an amazingly intuitive interface, which is easy to use and full of powerful features.