More than a week after it&’s much hyped launched, the world&’s cheapest smartphone — ‘Freedom 251’ continues to stir heated debates on the social media as mobile phone users as well tech geeks debate the veracity of the claims made by the Noida-based makers of the phone.

Lured by the price tag of just Rs.251, many customers who made bulk bookings of the phone, are desperately searching for updates, if any on online forums and social media. According to makers of the phone, Ringing Bells, it will be delivering 25 lakh phones by June.

However, the fact that the company is yet to shortlist the candidates who were among the first to register has only added to the confusion.

"I did register on their website but have got no confirmation from them. Am I getting the phone or not? This is ridiculous. I think they are just fooling the people,” posted Shweta Gautam on Facebook.

In fact, there were many others who declared the phone maker as a ‘fraud’ and ‘cheat’ amidst allegations of failing to pay a vendor, not manufacturing the phone in India under the ‘Make in India’ initiative and also coming under the scanner of the excise department and Income Tax department.

Congress MP Pramod Tiwari went on to call it the "biggest scam of the millennium" during the BJP regime.

“This company has not made a single phone in India and don’t have a manufacturing set up, but has the audacity to promote the phone under ‘Make in India’. This is a scam taking place right under the government&’s nose,” posted Ajith Rao on an online tech portal.

“The company is importing all its parts from outside and claims that it will assemble the phone here. Is this a joke? Is this how the government defines ‘Make in India’?” asked Simone Sikdar on Facebook.

However, some were willing to wait and watch, confident that the company will deliver.

“Let&’s stop jumping the gun and give them a chance. Let&’s wait for June people,” tweeted Anand Mohan.

“Made in India or China or Africa, who cares? If they deliver at the promised price point, they deserve a salute,” tweeted Divesh Patel.

Overall, it seems the phone has managed to divide public opinion.