Dog lovers, say cheers! A US-based company has created new wines to cater to your canine companion’s sophisticated tastes.

The pet wine company has introduced two varieties of dog wines, ZinFanTAIL and CharDOGNay, in about 350 ml bottles.

The wines do not contain any alcohol or grapes – both of which are dangerous for dogs. They are made with brewed peppermint or chamomile to help calm your pup down. They get their colouring from beet juice, the company said.

Earlier this year, the company had introduced new wine for cats which relies on catnip to produce a stimulating effect.

"We had always planned on doing something for dogs," said Brandon Zavala, founder of the Denver-based Apollo Peak.

"It’s more of a relaxant. They’ll get more of that mellow mood," Zavala was quoted as saying by The Huffington Post.

Although the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals lists chamomile as potentially toxic to pets, the group confirmed that occasionally consuming it is unlikely to harm a dog.

Zavala recommended that pet owners check with their own veterinarian before giving the wine to their pet.