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NASA captures image of ISS crossing Sun

PTI | Washington |

NASA has captured a spectacular image of the International Space Station (ISS) making its way in front of the Sun at a speed of about 28,968 kilometres per hour.

Noel Kowsky, a lensman working for NASA captured the photograph of the orbital post just when it was about to make a transit in front of the solar body on December 17.

Kowsky was able to capture several images of the event, 10 of which combined to make a single composite view of the ISS.

The image shows the ISS – considered to be the largest man-made structure ever to be built in space – transiting across the Sun.

Capturing a photo of such solar transits is no small feat since it takes a considerable amount of time to plan and actually pull off, 'Tech Times' reported.

The ISS orbits the Earth at an altitude of about 330 to 435 kilometres that it would be very difficult to see it directly without the help of a high-powered telescope at times.

There is also the challenge of knowing where the space station will be relative to Earth and at what time. Stargazers often use a tracker to find out the location of the ISS.