Japanese video game franchise Dragon Quest will commemorate its 30th anniversary with an interactive exhibition between July 24 and September 11. 

In the exhibition titled "A New World of Dragon Quest", visitors will be able to experience the world of different games – from the original Dragon Quest (1986) to the more recent Dragon Quest X (2012), EFE news reported. 

The exhibition will also contain replicas of the weapons of the hero Loto, who features in the first three games, forged by a blacksmith artisan, as well as diverse galleries exhibiting illustrations about his adventures. 

The exhibition will also feature other elements and objects from the game and a film showing the final battles between the heroes and villains of the video game titles. 

During the commemorative act, visitors will also be able to get more information on Dragon Quest XI, the latest installment of the series made for Nintendo and PlayStation 4, which does not yet have a release date but which will have its own section in the exhibition. The exhibition will also sell exclusive products of the franchise.