In a remarkable first, American technology giant Google has come out with a new app called ‘Hands Free’ , which enables users to make payments by just saying the words “I’ll pay with Google.”

While Apple Pay and Android Pay have been around for a while, they are in danger of becoming redundant by Google&’s latest offering which is yet to be available on a wide network.

The app, which is available for Android and Apple phones, is currently being piloted in the San Francisco Area, including McDonald&’s and Papa John&’s restaurants.

A bluetooth sensor in the till gets activated and connects with the app when that phrase is said, and sends the customer a digital receipt.

The payments system is very much an experimental concept, but Google are likely to make it public sometime this year.

Rather than the Near Field Communication (NFC) chip that energises touch-to-pay platforms like Apple Pay and Android Pay, the iOS and Android app uses a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and location services to detect when you’re at a store that is set up to for Hands Free.

A person can still use hands free despite their smartphone not being supportive of NFC payments, which means almost all smartphones will be able to run hands free.